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WHY-brows with Naima?

Eyebrow’s are one of the most difficult areas for men and women to manage unwanted hair. Eyebrow hair grows fast, and can change your appearance when not properly shaped and maintained.

Lavoom’s “Brows by Naima” start with shaping for all first time appointments. Your next appointments are eyebrow cleanings, which we recommend every 2-3 weeks to keep your brows sharp. Should you need an eyebrow correction, because you got yours done somewhere else or carried away at home, Naima is known for helping men and women fix their shape, fill hard to grow areas, and ultimately create the most attractive look for their face.

With over 20 years experience threading, tinting, and working as a Professional makeup artist, Naima knows eyebrow shaping is one of the best ways to improve your overall appearance. Eyebrow shaping can improve the balance and proportion of your face, and frame your eyes to create your most refined and attractive appearance.

Men, fear not of “feminine” grooming techniques. Naima keeps your brows bold and masculine to present a well-groomed and professional appearance. It hurts less than waxing, is more precise, longer lasting, and much more efficient than tweezing that unibrow.

Look Your Best. Feel Your Best. Lavoom!

Top-Rated Calgary Salon. Professional, Affordable Salon Services
Top-Rated Calgary Salon. Professional, Affordable Salon Services

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