Properly shaped eyebrows have more impact on your overall appearance than any other facial feature. At Lavoom, we specialize in brow shaping to help you discover the potential of your natural brow shape.

Precision and balance are key to eyebrow shape which is why we prefer threading to waxing (although we offer both). We also offer tinting and microblading services for those who want thicker brows without the pain of penciling them in daily! 

All first-time visits start with a shape consultation to ensure the best shape, and from there we will choose the best technique for you and get you into a routine to achieve perfect brows.


Originating in South Asia and the Middle East centuries ago, threading is the preferred technique of Lavoom’s eyebrow expert Naima. Perfecting her technique for more than 20 years, Naima is known as a Calgary’s go-to eyebrow girl for shaping, and corrections. In the gentle threading process, a piece of thread is twisted, gliding along your skin to remove hair right from the follicle. Unlike other methods, it’s long-lasting without damaging your skin. It’s less painful than waxing, and is more precise as the thread doubles as a ruler, isolating a single hair at a time if needed. For clean lines and symmetrical shaping, threading is undoubtedly the best eyebrow shaping method for hair removal!

Eyebrow Shaping

• First Time Visits Always $25

Eyebrow Cleaning

• Repeat customers, every 3-5 weeks – $18

Eyebrow Correction

• Initial shaping appointment + 1-week touch-up included $30

Additional Facial Threading

Full Face (No eyebrows) – $25

Full Face (With eyebrows) – $40

Chin Only – $10

Lip Only – $10

Neck Only – $15



Tinting uses semi-permanent dye to define and enhance beautiful brows! Depending on the method of tinting you choose, tinting will last 4-8 weeks, giving you the bold brows you’ve been looking for without the use of pencil and powder every morning!

Lavoom is proud to be one of Calgary’s first salons to offer Henna Brow Tinting. Unlike traditional tinting, Henna is an all natural, longer lasting tint that also helps restore hair growth. (Overplucked in the 90’s anyone?) Henna eyebrow tint strengthens your hair and promotes growth thanks to natural proteins and antioxidants. We have 7 different shades available for every skin type and colour. Unlike traditional tinting, Henna also stains your skin beneath the brow hairs, which is why it can be called “Henna Tattooing”.  Henna is considered a non-permanent tattoo, lasting double the time of traditional tinting, up to 2 months!

Traditional Eyebrow Tint


Henna Eyebrow Tint



Microblading is a more permanent tattooing that typically lasts 3 years, but can last even longer with annual touch-ups! Microblading uses individual strokes to create a natural look and to achieve sculpted, symmetrical brows. 

At the start of your appointment, measurements and shaping will be done to ensure you know exactly what your brows will look like. Pigment is chosen to match your skin tone and natural hairs, and a numbing cream is used to ensure your experience is totally pain-free. Aftercare includes staying out of the sunlight for a few days and applying ointment provided to you at your appointment. While microblading is the latest craze in brow beauty, if you’re hesitant due to pain, price, and permanence, Henna eyebrow tinting is the best option for you.

Eyebrow Microblading

• Includes first touch up $499

Additional Touch-Ups

• $199