If you never want to fill your brows again,  microblading is for you!

Get microblading in Calgary at Lavoom Salon.

Microblading is semi-permanent tattooing that typically lasts 3 years, but can last even longer with annual touch-ups! Microblading uses individual strokes that look like real, natural eyebrow hairs to achieve sculpted, symmetrical brows.

At the start of your appointment,  measurements and shaping will be done first to ensure you know exactly what your brows will look like. Pigment is chosen to match your skin tone and natural hairs and numbing cream is used to ensure your experience is totally pain-free.

Aftercare includes staying out of the sunlight for a few days and applying ointment provided to you at your appointment.

If microblading is not for you, Lavoom also offers less-permanent brow services, including tinting, shaping, and correcting too! We’ve also recently added henna “tattooing” as an all-natural, long-lasting eyebrow enhancing option. Available in 7 different shades for every skin type and colour, henna stains your skin to give you bolder brows than traditional tinting. Added benefits include natural proteins to restore hair growth and more.

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Eyebrow Microblading

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• Additional Touch-Ups: $199

Eyebrow Henna